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Monday, January 07, 2008

Coincidences upon coincidences

I don't want to type too much because technically I've got three works to be completed in tomorrow and none of them have had much of a headway. However, I would like to share two incidences just now. Tom Morris seems to be a good influence!

1. I was shopping in Waitrose in Gloucester Road Arcade, and I met someone that I had attended summer language school with 5 years ago in Haywards Heath! I stayed with him at a homestay for about 2 weeks in a typical suburban family in Haywards Heath. He's studying mechanical engineering in UCL now, after being transferred from Imperial after finding it too hard. He lives around Chelsea/South Kensington now. It's just that I forgot his name...

2. After shopping in Waitrose, I went to a local second hand bookshop down Gloucester Road. I bought a couple of bargain books (they worth more than 20p certainly!) that were placed outside the shop, went in and met a lady who was chatting with the attendant to try to get a job (or just flirting with the attendant). I paid and left the shop, but dropped a glove on the way out. I noticed half an hour later and went back to pick up. Just on the way in to the shop, I met the lady again! She turned back to the bookshop after failing to meet her acquaintance from a nearby cafe.

Real life is full of unexpected events. Who knows I bought a pair of over-priced gloves in Tie & Rack in Charing Cross after thought that I lost my right glove, and found it (with my beanie) in my now torn backpack?

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